James An College provides the opportunity for talented students to achieve their personal best in academic excellence.
Over the past twenty years, James An College has acquired a strong reputation for producing outstanding results in Selective High School Placement Tests, Scholarship Exams, O.C. Tests, the School Certificate and the HSC.
James An College's success rate has been the result of consistent development of educational materials and teaching methods.

Today there are over 40 James An College branches in Australia, with 27 in Sydney alone.
James An College is rapidly expanding throughout Australia and plans to further expand globally.

James An College provides the best HSC Tuition, NSW Year 6 Selective High School Placement Test Tuition, Year 4 Opportunity Class (O. C.) Test Tuition, VCE Tuition, QCS Tuition, Secondary School Tuition, Primary School Tuition and Scholarship Test Tuition in Australia.


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